Consider These Tips before Hiring Home Health Care for your Loved Ones

Caring for an ill or incapacitated loved one at home can turn quite daunting before long that it eventually takes a toll on the caregiver physically and emotionally. With a family of your own to take care of, a job, and personal errands to run every day, you have a lot on your plate. At some point, you may realize that the only practical option left for you is to hire an in-home care provider. Before you reach for the phone and consider the arrangement, be aware of your own responsibilities when you entrust the care of your loved ones to others:

Consider These Tips before Hiring Home Health Care for your Loved Ones

  1. Be clear about your elderly’s needs and preferences.

It’s frustrating to work without being given sufficient instructions, right? Your in-home care provider would need clear instructions from you, so be specific about the type of care your loved one would need and expect from the caregiver. List down the housekeeping and caregiving chores—buying groceries, medication reminders, personal care, etc—and how each should be performed, if there are any specific instructions. Observe your loved one’s daily routines, habit, and preferences, and keep to the same routine as much as possible.

  1. Conduct adequate screening.

Entrust your loved one only to someone whose background you have checked into. A short interview with previous patients, and a background check based on the applicant’s driving record would be a good start. If you’re anywhere near Fairfax, VA, consider hiring professionals from reputable agencies providing home health care, such as Comfort Keepers. An added benefit of this arrangement is that you don’t have to worry about payment withholdings and employment requirements. In any case, don’t skip the interview to determine whether caregiver and patient are a good match.

  1. Maintain consistency.

The elderly dislike change. Imagine yourself in your elderly’s shoes: a stranger shows up at home, helps you with daily tasks and becomes your friend. Now that your loved one is finally comfortable with that person, another stranger comes around to replace her. How would you feel?

Naturally, no home-health caregiver works round the clock. Nevertheless, you have to minimize the number of caregivers who comes to work in your home as this constant change in personnel can be upsetting for your elderly loved one.

Because caregiving is a closely personal and dynamic interaction, finding a good match with whom your loved one can feel comfortable, along with experience to match, is the biggest challenge you can take when you decode on in-home care for your elderly loved one. With a safe and good home care experience, however, you will feel at ease because you know your preferred in-home caregiver has earned the trust of your elderly loved one.

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