Range of Home Care Services Supporting One’s Daily Living Activities

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the number of residents age 65 and over at 44.7 million. This number has steadily grown since then.

As a person ages, his body becomes weak and susceptible to diseases. He becomes unable to perform certain tasks that are essential to maintaining his health and hygiene. While most families have the capacity to commit to assisting seniors with daily living activities for the rest of their lives, other families don’t. This is where home care services in Fairfax, VA becomes vital.

Range of Home Care Services Supporting One’s Daily Living Activities

What is home care and who needs it?

Home care is a type of service that assists seniors, veterans with disability, and other people in need of assistance with their daily living activities in the comforts of their own home. Unlike the kind of care given in a nursing facility, home care usually consists of informal support networks besides professional care. These networks include the family, neighbors, and friends of the patient.

Services Included in Home Care

Home care includes a wide array of services, which are provided based on the patient’s condition and needs. Typically, these services are categorized as personal care and in-home companionship. The former consists of services that support the patient’s physical needs, while the latter supports emotional needs.

Personal care services include bathing, grooming, and hygiene assistance, mobility assistance, transferring and positioning, toileting and incontinence care, and feeding and special diet. The caregiver has been trained to provide all these services to ensure the safety and activity of home care patients.

In-home companionship, on the other hand, provides a home care patient with the emotional benefits of having a constant companion. This is extremely crucial for patients who are living alone in their home because all children and relatives are living in separate homes. The service includes engaging in conversations, meal preparation, light housekeeping, incidental transportation, and live-in care.

Prepare a Loved One for Home Care

While it is more challenging to convince a senior loved one to move to a senior care facility, having a caregiver in the house, such as trained caregivers from providers like Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA, is also something most seniors may not accept right away. It’s crucial for younger members of the family to get ready to introduce the idea of getting home care for their older loved ones in a way that won’t make them feel helpless. Explaining the positive features of the home care service to your senior loved ones can help convince them to get the service. With these benefits they can feel that you only want what’s best for their health and safety.


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